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Elder's Update | Feb 2023

Hello Central,

The elders met again this past week. It was a privilege to pray together, both for those who came for prayer and also for all the prayer requests written in. There is lots to be thankful for these days. God is doing many exciting things amongst all of our campuses. However, we also recognize that many people in our church and our community are hurting, and so we spent some time in prayer for those things.

Jorge lead us through a discussion and study of chapters 48, 52, and 53 in Systematic Theology. The discussion was about the means of Grace within the church as well as the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Paster Matt gave us a ministry update. There are many programs currently running including Preaching Lab, Freedom Session, Men’s and Women’s Ministries, and Core Doctrine at the Harrison campus. All these programs are seeing fruit in the form of spiritual growth and peoples skills being honed for kingdom work.

We heard some exciting news about potential ministry opportunities at the Sts’ailes and Seabird Island reserves. Central has been given permission to run a soccer camp at Seabird and there are talks of doing either Freedom session or Alpha at Sts’ailes. Please pray that doors would continue to open and for the Holy Spirit to move in those relationships.

The elder nomination process is currently underway. We received a number of nominations from the congregation, which will now be vetted by the discernment team. Please pray for this group of men and for our discernment team, that all would have wisdom and follow God’s leading.


Our AGM is coming up on March 6th. Various elders, staff, and ministry partners will be sharing ministry updates and stories of God’s faithfulness. We encourage you to come and celebrate with us and also learn a bit more about the ministries happening in our church. There is no doubt that the Holy Spirit is doing good work here at Central. People are continuing to attend, grow, serve, and give, and we are excited to rejoice together.

We are in a season of Lent. The evening gatherings for Ash Wednesday at both Chilliwack and Harrison were a big success and it was a blessing when we had to set up more chairs to accommodate everyone. Throughout the Old Testament, ashes were used as a symbol of repentance, dedicated prayer, and grief over sin. Likewise, Genesis 3:19 reminds us that “you are dust and to dust you shall return.” Ash Wednesday then is an opportunity to sit in the reality of our sin and our desperate need for a Saviour. The entire season of Lent leading up to Easter will prepare our hearts to better understand and appreciate what Jesus has done for us. His death and resurrection is why we have peace for today and hope for eternity.

DJ Hiebert
- On behalf of the Elders at Central Community

Finance Update

The Elders reviewed the financial statement for 2022 noting that giving was strong in the month of December. The generosity of the congregation allowed us to essentially reach our giving budget target of $2,287,379, with $2,268,938 being received in donations with the above and beyond giving included. Capital expenditures invested in the Harrison and Lake Errock renovations, and capital expenses in the associated with the Chilliwack Campus left us with an overall shortfall of $249,439. Recognizing that capital expenses of this magnitude are not easily funded from general giving, the Elders determined to increase our mortgage by $500,000 to cover this shortfall and capital costs expected in 2023.

Ministry expenses are well within budget parameters, and staff are managing the budget well. Giving to our mission of reaching the Eastern Fraser Valley with the gospel remains a priority for Central as evidenced by the generosity of those who donate. A audit review report received by the Elders  from the Financial Review Team indicated that our financial practices and record keeping are accurate and reliable. Our thanks to the Financial Review Team for their diligence.

In keeping with giving trends, and with a dedication to our mission, the Elders have set a giving budget goal for 2023 of $2,619,643. This amount includes the budgets for 5 campuses and the related ministry expenses. When capital projects are included in the operating costs for 2023 the budget total is $2,989,143.  This year, on a quarterly basis, campuses will receive a financial update outlining giving and expenses related to their ministries. It is our hope to facilitate and provide helpful information in terms of local giving.

The Elders thank God for his provision through the Central congregation located across the Valley. Together, as we invest the resources that God has given we can faithfully proclaim the wonders of our King, Jesus.

January 2023 Finance Update



Our Elders have such a heart for the family of Central. Whatever burden you are carrying, the Elders count it a privilege to lift you up in prayer. You're invited to come receive prayer from them before each monthly Elder's meeting.

Tuesday, March 21 | 6.30pm - 7.00pm
Chilliwack Campus | 46100 Chilliwack Central Road


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