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Cosmic Christmas | Series

Cosmic Christmas

There is no baby in a manger, shepherds rejoicing or wise men bringing gifts and worshipping. There are angels, but they are not singing. Rather, they are engaged in a heavenly war of eschatological proportions. No, in this Christmas story there is a beautifully clothed woman, a male child (“Son”) and a great fiery red dragon who stands ready to devour, to eat, the Son “who is going to shepherd all nations” (v. 5). This is Christmas from a heavenly perspective.  

This is a Cosmic Christmas Story. 


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  • Purposeful Generosity | Promontory Campus

    Ephesians 4:28

    The gospel transforms every part of our lives, and that includes how we handle our money.  When we come to faith in Christ, it does not simply transform us from thieves to honest workers, but transforms us to generous, intentional givers.  Our call is to reflect the kind of lavish generosity that God has shown to us for the glory of God.

  • An Extravagant Gift | Harrison & Lake Errock Campuses

    John 12:1-8

    Money and possessions pose a powerful allure to our sinful, fallen hearts. However, the extravagant gift of Christ’s own life challenges us to embrace God-glorifying generosity rather than self-gratifying greed.

  • Gospel Stewardship | Chilliwack Campus

    Exodus 20:15

    In this sermon Pastor Matt shares a theology of money and possessions, asserting that we have all broken the 8th Commandment and robbed God, showing that the Bible casts a vision of Christians as stewards of God’s wealth, not owners of our own wealth, and concluding that nothing on the planet produces generous hearts like experiencing the generosity of God in the gospel.

  • Giving: A True Test Of Trust | Agassiz Campus

    Proverbs 3:1-12

    Giving is a significant part of our Christian discipleship because it is an act of worship and obedience that is modelled after God’s generosity with us. We miss out on the promises and blessings of God in this area when we hold onto to what rightfully belongs to God – our heart and our money.

  • The Gospel Of Matthew | The Church Discourse: Forgive Others As Christ Forgave Us | Promontory Campus

    Matthew 18:21-35

    Three questions when it comes to the call to forgiveness. How often should I forgive? Why should I forgive? Am I supposed to ignore sin?

  • The Church Discourse: Forgiveness | Chilliwack Campus

    Forgiveness is a hard idea to live out. It is hard to understand and put into practice in our broken world, with our broken hearts, throughout our broken relationships, and despite our broken selves. Yet Jesus does not shy away from understanding the importance of living as forgiving people in light of the forgiveness we have received.

  • The Gospel Of Matthew | The Church Discourse: Unlimited Forgiveness | Agassiz & Lake Errock Campuses

    Matthew 18:21-25

    Unlimited Forgiveness.

    The enormity of our debt, the transformation of forgiveness and the consequences of unforgiveness.

  • Death And What Comes Next | Promontory Campus

    Luke 16:19-31

    The Rich Man and Lazarus. 

  • The Gospel Of Matthew | The Church Discourse : The Road To Restoration | Harrison & Lake Errock Campuses

    Matthew 18:15-20

    We often think of discipline as a bad thing. It is something that we are scared of, and we tend to want nothing to do with it. Our text this morning shows us that when discipline is done in the way that Jesus teaches us, it is actually one of the most loving things that can take place. When the focus is shifted from seeking rejection first, and it is instead placed on God and the restoration He brings, relationships can be reconciled.

  • The Gospel Of Matthew | The Church Discourse: Dealing Directly & Redemptively With Sin | Agassiz Campus

    Matthew 18:15-20

    A direct and redemptive approach to dealing with sin within the church is very important. “Church discipline”, when done well, is a loving act of restoring a brother or sister in Christ to full fellowship with God, with the people against whom they sinned, and with God’s family, the church.