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Acts Church On Fire Part

Acts: Church On Fire | Part IV

The Book of Acts is the true story of the mission of the early church: “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8). It remains the mission of the church today. And as we study the faith, courage, obstacles, and success of the early church, we simultaneously pray, “Do it again, Jesus!”. May we be the Church on Fire!


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  • Acts: Church On Fire | Part 4: Communicating the Gospel in our Secular Age | Chilliwack Campus

    Scripture: Acts 17: 16-34Speaker: Pastor Matt Shantz

    Athens was the intellectual capitol of the world and Paul went to the local synagogue, the marketplace, and the famous Areopagus to tell people about Jesus. How he went about doing that among people who viewed the world differently, worshiped idols, and had no reference for Jesus and the Bible is instructive for us today as missionaries in our spiritual yet secular post-Christian culture.

  • Acts: Church On Fire | Part 4: Developing A Missionary Mindset | Harrison & Lake Errock Campuses

    Acts 17:16-34

    Paul is perhaps the greatest Christian missionary that has ever lived. Paul’s address to the Athenians on the Areopagus is the finest NT example of a Gentile geared evangelistic sermon. Paul knew his context and addressed the people in a way they could relate and understood. In Acts 17:16-34 we learn a few important truths about evangelism from the life of Paul, his address and the response he received.

  • Acts: Church On Fire | Part 4: Proclaiming Christ In A Secular Culture | Agassiz

    Acts 17:16-34

    Even as the great Apostle Paul masterfully engaged the highly secular & intellectual culture that he lived in, so we must engage ours … ours being not only secular, but post-Christian. We will learn from this text how to proclaim the good news about Jesus in a meaningful and relevant way within our culture.

  • Acts: Church On Fire | Part 4: Paul In Athens | Promontory

    Acts 17:16-34

    Jesus sent his disciples to the ends of the earth and that means we need to be able to communicate the gospel with people all over the globe.  Paul gives us an excellent example of how to continually do this kind of evangelism, making sure to communicate the gospel clearly while trusting that God is the one doing the work.

  • Acts: Church On Fire | Part 4: Marks Of A Missional Church | Agassiz & Lake Errock Campuses

    Acts 17:1-15

    A healthy, missional church exhibits key markers that identify its laser focus on the things that matter most. Acts 17:1-15 shows us what these marks are.

  • Acts: Church On Fire | Part 4: Habits of a Healthy Church | Promontory Campus

    Acts 17:1-15

    What are the habits that we have planned into our lives this fall?  As we look back into the book of Acts we see two habits that formed the early church, the habit of evangelism and the habit bible reading.  These two habits have been part of the foundations of the church since the very beginning and we have the privilege and joy of participating in them as well.

  • Acts: Church On Fire | Part 4: Truly Good News | Harrison Campus

    Acts 17:1-15

    The good news of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection is a true message that many need to hear. Followers of Christ, as well as those exploring the Christian faith can find reassurance in the historical evidence for Jesus. Regardless of the response to our witness, we are called to faithfully proclaim the truly good news of Jesus.

  • Acts: Church On Fire | Part 4: A Handbook For Gospel Ministry | Chilliwack Campus

    Scripture: Acts 17: 1-15

    A pattern is emerging in Paul’s missionary process: Go to a city, teach the Bible, preach the gospel, plant a church, and be violently rejected. That’s exactly what happens in Thessalonica and Berea. We learn a great deal about gospel ministry from this text, including: We should establish connections with people; expound the Bible for people, and expect polarizing responses from people.

  • Missions Sunday: Mission In Action | Agassiz & Lake Errock Campuses

    1 Thessalonians 1:1-10

    You see Mission in action when the Gospel of Jesus comes in, the Holy Spirit moves, and then the Kingdom of God goes out.

  • Missions Sunday: Inside Out | Promontory Campus

    1 Thessalonians 1:1-10

    A look at a newly birthed church that takes what they have come to believe within their hearts and mind and radically lives it out amidst persecution and suffering. The Thessalonian church is a convicting witness on how we are to allow what is within us become embodied outside of us.