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The Gospel Of Matthew

The Gospel of Matthew | The Sermon Discourse

The Old Testament ends with a longing. A longing for promise fulfilled. Namely, for the arrival of the Messiah, a king in the line of David, and a blessing to all nations in the line of Abraham. Therefore, it is no wonder that the Gospel of Matthew, while unlikely to have been written first among the four gospels, finds its place in the front, serving as a bridge that links the Old Testament to the New - telling the story of Jesus' birth, life, death, and resurrection as a fulfillment of the whole Biblical story.


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  • The Gospel of Matthew | The Sermon Discourse : Reconciliation: A Gospel Trait Of True Worship | Harrison & Lake Errock Campuses

    Matthew 5:21-26

    Are you an angry person?

    Some of us will immediately recognize “yes, I’m an angry person, I know I have issues in this department… and you’d better not start pocking around if you know what’s best for you!”

    There are some of us who would not consider ourselves “an angry person”, but surrounded by stupid people, who do stupid things, who make us angry… “but we don’t have a problem with anger…”

    Or perhaps there’s even someone in our midst whose baggage is very light and who goes through life as if that person was walking on clouds, and yes, there are things that ignite you at times, but you wouldn’t truly qualify as an angry person.


    Regardless of where you are in the angry-meter from eyeballing someone to killing someone, I believe the passage we are going to study this morning will open our eyes to a different dimension of the kingdom of God and the Gospel trait of true worship that permeates the core of our hearts.

  • The Gospel of Matthew | The Sermon Discourse : Rage, Rudeness & Reconciliation | Agassiz Campuses

    Matthew 5:21-26

    Jesus elevates the Old Testament law of murder to the judgemental, verbal assassination of a person’s character. Murder is not merely a matter of the hands, but of the heart. Destroying someone in this way destroys the image of God, revealing the depth of our spiritually poverty and the need to be reconciled with both them and God.

  • The Gospel of Matthew | The Sermon Discourse : Anger and Reconciliation | Promontory Campus

    Matthew 5:21-26

    When Jesus begins to describe how the Old Testament laws apply to Christians, he begins by showing how the prohibition against murder was always about more than just the action.  It extends to our heart before God.  How do we view other people made in God’s image?  Jesus calls his disciples not only to treat others well, but to think of them well and work towards reconciliation.

  • The Gospel of Matthew | Sermon Discourse: Anger and Reconciliation | Chilliwack Campus

    The arrival of Jesus inaugurates God’s plan to restore all that is good and beautiful. In this sermon Jesus shows us how those inside His kingdom go beyond not murdering and seek to overcome anger itself. When we see God putting away His anger with us, we are compelled to forgive and pursue reconciliation with others.

  • The Gospel of Matthew | The Sermon Discourse : The Fulfillment Of The Law | Harrison Campus

    Matthew 5:17-20

    The Old Testament can seem like an antiquated document to Christians, however, Jesus affirms its necessity and confidently asserts that he’s come to fulfill the Law. What does that mean? How does Christ’s fulfillment of the Law impact our morality? Does the Law have a deeper goal than superficial, external actions?

  • The Gospel of Matthew | The Sermon Discourse : The Law Of Faith | Promontory Campus

    Matthew 5:17-20

    Do we need to read the Old Testament?  Isn’t that “old” and therefore irrelevant?  Jesus doesn’t think so, and not only calls his disciples to read it but genuinely keep it.  The problem is no one can.  We need a saviour!

  • The Gospel of Matthew | The Sermon Discourse : Law & Order | Agassiz & Lake Errock Campus

    Matthew 5:17-20

    To help us realize the depths of our spiritually poverty, and just how desperately we need a Savior, Jesus tells us that we not only need to uphold and keep God’s laws better than the scribes and Pharisees (law keepers), but that we need to be perfect. This, of course, is impossible, so the only possible way that we can be made right with God is by trusting the only one who is perfect, and who did keep & fulfill all the laws of God – Jesus.

  • The Gospel of Matthew | Sermon Discourse: Jesus Fulfilled the Law | Chilliwack Campus

    The scribes and pharisees were the super religious, educated, bible nerds of the first century and Jesus said that our righteousness has to exceed theirs or we will never enter the kingdom of heaven. That would have shocked His hearers and has massive implications. In this sermon we will explore how Christians should interpret the Old Testament in light of how Jesus has fulfilled it.

  • The Gospel of Matthew | The Sermon Discourse : Salt And Light | Harrison & Lake Errock Campus

    Matthew 5:13-16

    Imagine a world without salt or light. It would be a bland, dark place! In this short but profoundly practical passage Jesus compels his followers to add life giving flavor and light to the world as we shine brightly for Christ all for the purpose of God’s glory.

  • The Gospel of Matthew | The Sermon Discourse : Enhanced Living Experience | Agassiz Campus

    Matthew 5:13-16

    One of God’s purposes for our lives is that we would increase the desirability and attractiveness of Christ to those who need Him … that others would be drawn to Christ because of what they hear from us and see in us. How do you and I give glory to God by the way we live?