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Student Leadership

We are looking for youth who have a deep love for Jesus, who demonstrate a growing relationship with God and who have a desire to lead others to be authentic followers of Jesus.

If you're a believer in Jesus we believe that you have been called to serve God and to love those in the church and community just like Jesus did, sacrificially. Though our Student Leadership team we want to equip, empower, and lead  you so that together we can make a huge difference in students lives.

As a believer in Jesus, each one of you have been created, saved, and gifted for this very moment. God has given you incredible gifts, experiences, and qualities that He wants you to use, not just at church, but also at home, at school, on your sports team and with your friends.

We want students who are motivated by the fact that they are loved by Jesus, the one who set the ultimate example for us.

We want students who have a deep desire to partner in ministry alongside us, rather view student leadership as a social club or inner circle.





  • Understand why we serve
  • Understand how to serve (internally, externally, one another)
  • How to encourage serving
  • How to create a culture of service
  • Serving experiences


  • Understanding the key qualities of leaders
  • Understand of church leadership
  • Appreciate the foundational qualities that Christian leaders need to develop
  • Recognize the important role that key people play in leader's growth
  • Develop perspective on a leader's development over a lifetime
  • Have a great understanding of their leadership strengths and weaknesses
  • Assist in development of emerging leaders


  • Consistent Bible Reading
  • Consistent Prayer Life
  • Understanding of the Storyline of the Bible
  • Understanding your Spiritual gifts
  • Experience in several Spiritual Disciplines
  • How to explain the Gospel to your peers


Got questions? We'd love to answer them!
Please contact Jon Kornelsen | Youth Pastor -