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  • Children's Haven | Newsletter Update

    Where to begin? 2022 has been a year full of many extremes - extreme joy and extreme sadness, extreme blessings and extreme challenges - but we have found GOD to be faithful - through it all - and for that we give Him thanks and glory. read more
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  • Elder's Update | Jan 2023

    The elders met this past week and gathered to lift up Central Community Church in prayer as we embark on a new year of ministry in the communities that God has placed us in. The elders prayed with those who came to receive prayer, prayed for our pastors and staff, and for our congregation across Central's five campuses. Our prayer is to see God continue to move in mighty ways in the lives of His people, for the gospel to transform lives, and for each and every one of us to grow ever closer to Him in the midst of our diverse circumstances. read more
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  • Dear Christian, Do You Have An Output Ethic

    There is nothing more tasty in times like these than to be a person with a really big platform. Which is easy to come by. More and more, anyone anywhere can build a stage and find an audience. Not many of us will earn a physical gathering of listeners but all of us can easily muster a digital one. As Christians we all have important thoughts to share, and if we could draw a mass audience to hear them, why wouldn't we? It'd be a missed opportunity not to, right? read more
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  • Elder's Update | Dec 2022

    Our last elder meeting of the year began with a bit of a twist. We had the pleasure of being joined by Central’s deacons for our time of a prayer and got to hear a bit about their ministry within our church. We were joined by Mike Harrison, Laura Belyea, and Martha Bishop. What an encouragement to hear how they are seeing God move in His church as they serve so faithfully. read more
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  • The Word Became Friend

    As you gaze upon the manger this Christmas and take in all the incarnational aspects of the season. As you spend time with friends and family, whether the dynamics are joyful or downright disappointing. Remember what a friend you have in Jesus. A forever companion. A Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. He is the King of Kings. He is the Lord of Lords. And He is the Friend of Friends. read more
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  • Elder's Update | Nov 2022

    This past Tuesday, we Elders enjoyed our monthly meeting. It was an extra special evening, in that all of the Pastors of Central joined us for a meal. It is rare to have us all in one place at one time. What a wonderful team of Godly men and women we have serving Central in vocational ministry! read more
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  • Children's Haven | Sponsor Child Update

    Central Kids Ministry love Jesus, loves kids, and wants kids around the world to know and love Jesus. Central Kids Ministry helps support a children’s orphanage in Reynosa, Mexico through Children’s Haven International. read more
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  • Elder's Update | Oct 2022

    This past Elders meeting was once again started by spending time praying for those who come for prayer, as well as many others in our church who have brought praise and prayer request items to us. We are so thankful to walk along side those hurting in our church and would encourage you to join us for prayer whether your struggles seem large or small. God calls us to “cast your anxiety on him, because he cares for you.” And we love doing that on your behalf before most elder meetings. read more
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  • Children's Haven | Newsletter Update

    We appreciate & recognize your purposeful & often sacrificial giving. Just as your gifts help meet the many needs of our ever-growing family - we pray God will bless & reward each one of you for your concern to His children & provide for your needs as well. read more
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  • Elder's Update | Sept 2022

    read more
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