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Come and join with us this November as we gather together as a community and learn how to interpret and study the Bible! Sunday evenings begin with good food and good company. We will share a meal together and get to know others in our church, followed by our Foundations classes.

Foundations consists of three 4-week classes that Central believes are foundational for the Christian life. In Bible Basics you will learn the storyline of the Bible and how to interpret the Bible faithfully. In Core Doctrine you will learn the core tenets of the Christian faith. In Faith Formation you will learn the practices of the Christian faith that lead to growth in godliness and maturity in the faith.

+ Faith Formation
How do we walk with Jesus in the Christian life in a way that leads to godly growth? What practices lead to maturity and intimacy with the Lord? Spiritual Formation will teach you the processes and practices that nurture faith formation in your life.

+ Faith Formation For Kids
Faith Formation is a process of becoming more like Christ and growing closer with Him. During our Foundations classes, Central Kids Ministry will be teaching kids faith formation through prayer, promise, praise, and practice. We will be focusing on how and why we pray, the reading of God’s Word and His promises, praising Jesus together, and learning about the servant King, and how we can put how Jesus served into practice. These Faith Formation classes are one way that Central Kids Ministry partners with parents to equip kids to become authentic followers of Jesus.

Sunday Nights
| Chilliwack Campus (46100 Chilliwack Central Road)

  • November  13
  • November 20
  • November 27
  • December 4

Community Dinner: 5.00PM - 6.00PM | Class: 6.00PM - 7.30PM

Faith Formation for Kids (and Nursery child care) will be happening simultaneously. 

*Pre-registration is required to attend this class. 



Did you miss out on Core Doctrine or Bible Basics? We'll be holding Core Doctrine & Bible Basics classes simultaneously - same evenings, same campus, same community dinner.

+ Core Doctrine
Doctrine refers to the biblical beliefs we hold in the Christian faith. Do some doctrines matter more than others? If so, how are we to know which doctrines are of first importance? In Core Doctrine you will learn about the doctrines that are core to the Christian faith and how to hold those beliefs in a winsome way in a divided world.

+ Basic Bible
We believe that the Bible is God’s Word for God’s people. And yet it is an ancient document from ancient cultures with many authors and genres. Reading and applying the Bible can feel intimidating to new and mature believers alike. In Bible Basics you will learn the storyline of the Bible and how to interpret and apply the Bible faithfully.

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